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Rope Incense Lumbini Nepali | 50 grams Himalayan Dhoop

Lumbini Nepali Rope Incense is made with 25 ingredients according to the ancient tradition of the monastic order of Tibet. They including saffron, nagi, red & white sandalwood, and other herbs. Lumbini is a region in Nepal that is said to be the very origin of rope style incense. 

Nepalese Rope Incense is used for a variety of purposes, including spiritual and religious rituals, meditation, and as a natural air freshener. It is believed to have purifying and calming properties that can help create a peaceful and serene environment.

The practice of making and using incense in Nepal has a long history dating back to ancient times. The ropes are made by hand by twisting the powder incense into Nepali Lokta paper. This incense is all-natural - made without any artificial chemicals, scents, colors or preservatives. 

Each bundle contains approximately 50 incense ropes, which are 4" long.