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Nifty Nausea Nix | Nausea Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler

Just pop our Nausea Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler in your pocket for on-the-go nausea relief. Take it in the car or boat for motion sickness or keep one in your purse or on the bedside table for morning sickness. This product is safe for pregnancy, since it only includes Ginger, Peppermint & Chamomile essential oils. 

I was given an inhaler similar to this one after a major surgery to combat the nausea I was having while they tried to figure out the best type of oral pain relief for my situation. I can attest that it helped with that kind of nausea, too.

To use: Hold one nostril closed and place the inhaler just under the open nostril. Inhale deeply for a count of three. Repeat with the other nostril. Use as needed.

Disclaimer: natural remedies are not a replacement for medical care. Do not stop taking prescribed medications without consulting your physician.