***Formerly Thumbprint Soap***


If you enjoy using rich, fragrant smoke in your spiritual practice or to deodorize your space, we have a lovey incense selection that includes Palo Santo bundles, white sage wands, copal resin and Nepalese rope incense.

White sage and Palo Santo are sacred smudge herbs in the Native American community. They are used for smoke cleansing and rituals to remove negative energy and purify a space.

White copal is commonly used as an offering in Mexican churches and for day of the dead celebrations.

Nepalese rope incense is made with herbs grown in the high altitudes of the Himalayas and offers a unique and exotic scent that is perfect for meditation and relaxation. These ropes are handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down by generations.

Soap by the Pound Mystery Bundle | 4 Soap Sample Variety Pack $15.00

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