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Our 2020 Charitable Contributions

22 June, 2020 |

            Fundraiser soap

At the end of last year, we decided that for 2020 we'd move forward with a different plan for donating to charitable organizations. Up until this point we were donating a percentage of our retail sales to animal rescues, specifically Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids most of the time. But this isn't the only cause we feel passionately about and we really wanted to broaden our donation efforts.

After experimenting with a couple of fundraiser soaps for other causes, we found that this was not only easier to keep track of, but it was a more effective way of raising money. So this year, we have debuted a different fundraising product for each quarter. This post will be updated as other products are debuted, but here is what we have done so far:

Jan - Mar Fundraiser:
Friends of the Cedar Rapids Public Library

Books hold a special place in my heart. I've loved escaping into a story for as long as I can remember, but I for sure remember devouring Fear Street books as a middle schooler. As an adult I've branched out from the horror genre, but reading is still how I wind down every night before bed. Nearly 2 years ago I started volunteering for the Friends of the Library as a book sorter and sometimes cashier for the book sales. But I love to organize and also love having first pick of the new books that come in, so sorting is my favorite way to participate. I developed the Knowledge Is Power soap to sell for the library and this fundraiser allowed me to donate $88.

Apr - May Fundraiser:
Iowa Environmental Council

It breaks my heart to see the way corporations destroy our planet for their own financial gain. Our political leaders have pushed this issue aside for far too long. It's not just a campaign talking point, it's a very real problem that affects all people, all over the world. I hope more youth like Greta Thunberg will step up to the world powers to demand change. It seems there is always an issue more present and "in your face" that needs to be dealt with first, but there can be no more delay on this. I decided my small contribution would be best spent locally, so I did some research on organizations that are working to improve Iowa's environment and settled on the Iowa Environmental Council. I was able to donate $100 with the Mother Earth Soap. 

Jun - Jul Fundraiser:
Planned Parenthood North Central States

Ever since women's reproductive rights started being attacked with a new fervor in 2017, I've been donating what I can to the local Planned Parenthood. I relied on this organization for affordable healthcare when I was a poor college student, and we just can't let this resource be taken away from other women. I have previously made a soap for this cause, but I wanted to try out some lip balm tints that I purchased, so the Feminist Fury tinted lip balm was born! I hope to raise nearly $60 with these limited edition balms. Click here to grab yours!

A Note About Black Lives Matter and the Iowa Derecho

I know it seems like these would have been more appropriate places to focus our midsummer and early fall fundraising efforts, and you are not wrong. The truth is, we had already made all the lip balms before George Floyd's death and decided to stick with our original plan. But rest assured, we support this cause fully. I just got involved in other, more personal ways, rather than donating money through my business. And we were too overwhelmed with our own distress after the derecho storm to even think about how we could fundraise for others. It's been a rough year and sometimes you just have to hunker down and practice self care to get through it all.

Aug - Oct Fundraiser:
Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids

When I first began this business, I donated a small portion of all my sales to animal rescues. Most often that donation went to Critter Crusaders, although sometimes I would choose other organizations or a specific animal that needed care.

Animals hold a special place in my heart and we have adopted multiple rescues. I used to volunteer my time at the Cedar Valley Humane Society walking dogs, but as my free time lessened, this was a way I could still contribute. Since National Dog Day fell in August, I thought fall would be the perfect time to debut this soap. We were able to raise $88 for Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids with these bars.