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Sandalwood Patchouli Wax Melt


Sandalwood is the most noticeable scent in this wax melt, with slight jasmine, musk, woodsy and vanilla notes underneath. The patchouli is extremely subtle. This scent would be perfect for those who appreciate the smell of incense.

Snap Bar Wax Melts: 1.66 ounces

Sample Flowers: .55 ounces

Note: Bags used for packaging wax melts are made from biodegradable vegetable fiber. They are not a single use plastic.

For Best Results:

Warmer Info
- Use a 25W bulb warmer or a 20W plate warmer
- Scentsy burners may not get hot enough for good scent throw
- Tea light warmers get quite hot & can reduce the life of the scent

Product Use
- Under perfect conditions, 2 squares of heated wax will remain fragrant for 12-18 hours. This will vary according to the style of warmer used. A hot warmer will use fragrance faster, a cooler warmer will produce less scent but extend the life of the fragrance.