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Happy National Beer Lover's Day! Why Beer Makes a Great Soap

07 September, 2019 |

            PBR beer soap

September 7th is National Beer Lover's Day, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight our 3 beer soaps. These make wonderful gifts for beer lovers, but that's not the only reason for using beer in a bar of soap!

Why Beer Makes a Great Bar of Soap

  1. The naturally occurring sugars in beer make for a smooth, creamy lather with lots of extra bubbles.
  2. Hops contain amino acids and vitamins that soothe inflammation and irritated skin (like from ingrown hairs or dermatitis). This and the lather, make it a great bar for shaving, as well.
  3. Brewer's yeast is antibacterial, so when used as a facial bar it can aid in treating acne and balancing oil levels.
  4. The vitamins and proteins in beer make it great for repairing the hair. I have found bar soaps to be drying for my hair (it's the wrong pH for dry hair), but for someone with an oily or flaky scalp, beer soaps make a great shampoo. Or try it as a beard wash!
  5. It's the ideal soap to use when you're having a shower beer. ;)

Our Beer Soaps

Lion Bridge Beer SoapLion Bridge Beer Soap

This Lion Bridge beer soap, made with Lion Bridge Brewing Company's Bridge Beer light golden ale, is part of our "Cedar Rapids Smells" collection. 

It has the perfect scent to complement a light golden ale - summery notes of raspberry and tomato leaf pair nicely with a malty undertone. Learn more about Lion Bridge Brewing Company.

PBR Bar SoapPBR Soap

Our PBR soap is the perfect gift for any Pabst Lover!

Made with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, this soap features a fragrance that smells EXACTLY like a freshly poured glass of PBR.

The packaging parodies the Pabst logo, and everyone who spots these bars will make a beeline for our booth. Fun Fact: Pabst Canada ran a giveaway using our PBR soaps on their Instagram page. And then they sent us some fun swag!

Pop's Hops Beer Soap

This is the first beer soap we made a part of our regular line. Pop's Hops is a favorite among some of our regular customers. 

You can't go wrong with the scent of Tobacco and Bay Leaf. It's a lighter scent that is earthy and slightly spicy.

We inevitably came out with a beard oil in this scent, because people liked it so much. It's perfect for those who prefer herbal, nature-like scents. I know I do!